Meet Jennifer

Harp-Douris, of South Jersey, creates hand-crafted, custom jewelry.

PETERSBURG, NJ– Local artist Jennifer Harp-Douris is helping to rebuild New Jersey – one piece of jewelry at a time.

Harp-Douris, of South Jersey, creates hand-crafted, custom jewelry through her business Mermaid Tears Jewelry. She uses a hammer to add empowering words and phrases on thin sterling silver discs. One of her most popular charms is “Jersey Girl.”

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, “Jersey Girl” became “Jersey Strong.” She is donating $10 from the sale of every “Jersey Strong” charm necklace to

“I think the Jersey Strong necklace represents how (people) feel. In my head I see people holding hands. We group together to fight sad things like this,” added Harp-Douris. “People want to buy this necklace to help friends, neighbors and people they don’t know who lost everything. People want to wear the necklace to represent how much they love the Jersey Shore.”

The Jersey Strong necklace is a sterling silver chain featuring a sterling silver disc with “Jersey Strong” hammered onto it. It’s hand-looped with one pearl to represent unity.

Facing Life’s Troubles With Jewelry & Ideas

Jennifer Harp-Douris stamps words such as “peace” and “dream” onto silver teardrop pendants, and the pendants serve as her peace and her dream.

The Petersburg resident attaches the silver pendants to necklaces and bracelets, adds gemstones and charms and then sells the jewelry online or ships the pieces to about a dozen area stores. She’s produced this type of jewelry for a year and a half, ever since she envisioned it in her sleep.

“It just came to me one night,” she said. So she wrote ideas in what her husband calls her “crazy” book, a red diary overflowing with pen scribble and Post-It notes. The binding is worn. The bookmark nearly hugs the back cover.

She already bought three more blank books to prepare for the inevitability she’ll fill her first crazy book. Smart move – she still has a lot of sketches to draw and Ghandi quotes to transcribe.

“Ghandi sayings go great on jewelry,” she says. So one of her recent favorites has “Be the change you wish to see in the world” etched in silver. The letters are wavy and curly and missized.