Jennifer Harp-Douris

Mermaid Tears Jewelry

16 Meadow Lark Road

Woodbine, NJ 08270

United States of America
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  1. Hi Jen,
    I feel very silly writing to you about this. I saw 2 necklaces on your open house. I couldn’t open the link to see them. Now you have a beautiful new shopping page, yet I forgot the name of the necklace! I only vaguely remember it saying “petite”. I’m hoping you understand what I’m looking for! I really do feel silly not knowing!
    Thanks so much!
    Sue Scheer

    1. Hi Sue! Yes! I know which necklace you are speaking of. They are not et on my site… I do have them and I am happy to help you. I can send you pictures via email. My email address is If you could please email me, I can send you pictures of the petite message necklaces. They feature small discs and gemstones… They say things like “Wish”… “You are my Sunshine”. Etc. I look forward to working with you.

  2. You had a lovely Just Breathe necklace with a few charms and crystals. I saw it last weekend. I put it in my cart but didn’t finalize the sale. Is it still available? I can’t find it now. I think it was close to $75.

    Thank you,
    Cyndi Hunter

    1. Hi Cyndi, I hope you receive my response. I am having trouble with my website but I am happy to help you. I have a “Just Breathe” Necklace as you describe. I can handle the sale via email and Paypal. Is that okay with you? My email is I am happy to make the necklace for you. How long would you like the chain, 16″ or 18″? Please let me know if would like to go forward with your order.
      Peace and happy holidays, Jennifer

  3. Hi Jennifer! I was looking on your website for a cuff bracelet. You had some at your show this summer. I also like the Chocolate Pearl Liquid bracelet. Is that still available?

    Thank u.

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